The Living Arts

Childhood is a valid and authentic time unto itself. At Green Gate we believe young children learn best in a home-like atmosphere rich in relationship, play, and the activities of daily life. Our program provides experiences in the "Living Arts" which help children build a strong foundation for success in school and in life. 

Creative Expression

  • Children demonstrate their creativity through drawing, coloring, painting, singing, and dancing.

  • Children are encouraged to display their individuality by expressing their ideas, feelings, and preferences.

Nurturing Rhythms & Routines

  • Children are provided nourishing home-cooked meals, outdoor time in nature, prayers, bible stories & songs, and a daily rest time.

  • Relationship-based care is nurtured by maintaining a consistent caregiver over several years.

Practical Activity

  • Children find joy in the practical and meaningful activities of daily life.

  • Children observe and participate in sorting and folding, cooking, cleaning, repairing, gardening, and caring for animals.

Social Ability

  • Children learn important social skills through a mixed-age learning environment.

  • Children practice the concepts of leadership, empathy, kindness, turn-taking, caring, and problem-solving through their daily interactions.

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